Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone :)

I've just decided that Halloween is probably the most perfect holiday ever. Granted, I may change my mind when Flag Day or Arbor Day comes around, but for now, I'm convinced.

Posing with my pumpkin circa 1980 or so


  • There is no dress code. It's a one-day special "fashion pass". If you normally dress up for work, you may be able to get away with dressing down. If you normally dress casually, you can dress up without the annoying "why are you so dressed up today?" questions. If you have been wondering what you'd look like if you were goth, or punk, or Victorian, you can try out your new look, and go back to being yourself the next day - provided the "temporary" hair coloring washes out as promised.
  • Just like the "fashion pass", there's a "candy pass". You can buy copious amounts of candy with no explanation required. You don't have to worry about the cashier wondering if you can really eat that much candy (Answer: Yes, I can, and with startling speed).
  • This is a holiday that, despite it's pagan origins, seems fairly secularized. Yes, I'm sure there are objectors, but overall, there is little quibbling about the display of Halloween decorations in public places.
  • There is little expectation to be anywhere (at least until you have kids when you NEED to be out trick-or-treating). Couples don't need to worry about which family to visit, you can stay home and welcome trick-or-treaters, or leave the house entirely and pretend that Halloween never existed.
  • Three things: Pumpkin carving, roasted pumpkin seeds, and late-night showings of Poltergeist.

    What's your favorite holiday?

  • Monday, October 15, 2007

    Things I Love - CutePDF

    Today I'd like to introduce a new feature to the blog - Things I Love. These posts will focus on items that I find helpful in a knitting and/or blogging context despite not being intended for that purpose. I hope that you may find them useful as well and I welcome any ideas for future posts.

    Today's "Thing I Love" is CutePDF. CutePDF is a free post-script printer that will create a .pdf file from virtually any printable document. In this case, "free" doesn't only refer to the cost, but it's also free of spyware, popups, and advertisements.

    This is a very simple program to use. To create a .pdf of a file or webpage, pull up the print menu, and select "CutePDF" instead of your normal printer.

    All that's left is to name your file and you're done. When you open the file, it looks exactly as it would had you printed from your printer. If you have saved a webpage, the URL will be at the top of the page, in case you need to go back to the page later.

    This has quickly become my preferred method for saving the knitting patterns (and recipes, articles etc.) I find on the internet. When I save patterns, I also save a .jpg of the finished item as well. By setting the folder that these files are in to "Thumbnail" view, it's really easy to see what patterns I have saved.

    Using CutePDF means that you neither have to worry about printing, saving or filing printed patterns, nor do you need to worry about a link to a pattern breaking (or your internet being down). If you keep patterns on your PDA, the .pdf file will be easy to transfer to your PDA for on-the-go knitting.

    While this program makes it a lot easier to share and distribute free knitting patterns, please take care to include (and respect) any copyrights already existing on the pattern.

    Saturday, October 6, 2007

    (Late) Eye Candy Friday

    Last Friday, the day after I posted about the sale at my LYS, I came home to find this waiting for me:

    Welcome surprise

    Turns out that Mr. Tall stopped by the same shop and picked up a couple extra skeins of Baby Alpaca DK for me. This was my special purchase to myself, so it was an extra special gift. I have seven luscious skeins of this waiting for me once I finish my Christmas knitting. Apparently, his "stash" are some other goodies he picked up at the same sale.

    I have a confession: after thinking about how sweet a guy Mr. Tall is for thinking of me and spoiling me, my next thought was a very sound, logical one: If he has a stash yet doesn't knit, then he can't really can't comment on the size of my stash, can he?

    For those wondering, the "who has two thumbs..." is from the US version of "The Office"