Saturday, October 6, 2007

(Late) Eye Candy Friday

Last Friday, the day after I posted about the sale at my LYS, I came home to find this waiting for me:

Welcome surprise

Turns out that Mr. Tall stopped by the same shop and picked up a couple extra skeins of Baby Alpaca DK for me. This was my special purchase to myself, so it was an extra special gift. I have seven luscious skeins of this waiting for me once I finish my Christmas knitting. Apparently, his "stash" are some other goodies he picked up at the same sale.

I have a confession: after thinking about how sweet a guy Mr. Tall is for thinking of me and spoiling me, my next thought was a very sound, logical one: If he has a stash yet doesn't knit, then he can't really can't comment on the size of my stash, can he?

For those wondering, the "who has two thumbs..." is from the US version of "The Office"


blueadt said...

What a sweet thing to do!

My DH has declared a total lock down on yarn purchasing so wouldn't dream of adding to my stash & isn't really a present buying guy :-( But he's lovely in other ways :-)

Romi said...

How wonderful! He's obviously a keeper. :)