Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Collection of Handy Technique Links

For my own benefit, and perhaps yours, here are some links that may prove helpful in the future.

Nona Knits: Yarn Dominance
Technique for holding yarns in Fair Isle knitting to produce a clear, crisp color pattern.

Knitting Daily: Measuring Yourself
Photo guide to make sure you get your measurements right for best fit.

Sock Pr0n: Weaving ends in while kntting
Photo guide to weaving in your stray ends as you knit. Jogless Rounds
Eliminating jogs while working in the round.

Chic Knits: Zipper Installation
Photo guide to inserting zippers in your knitting project.

A Kitten Knits: The Thumb Trick
Working an afterthought thumb for mittens.

Intarsia in the Round
A way to work intarsia in the round.

Girl from Auntie: Moebius
How to knit a moebius loop.

Marnie Talks: Lace charts in Excel
Tutorial to creating charts in Excel.

HeartStrings FiberArts: Tension Blocking Tips
Blocking lace.

Persistent Illusion: Judy's Magic Cast-On
Great Cast-On technique for toe-up socks and the like.

Cosmicpluto: Short Row Heel Tutorial
Working short row heels on socks.

The Knitting Fiend: Sock Links
A collection of tips and techniques for sock knitting.

Sock Knitting Tips
More sock knitting tips.

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sjmercure said...

Thanks for the links. The intarsia in the round one was very helpful.