Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Christmas, Sans Knitting

Hey again, I'm going to catch up with you guys in two parts. First, the brief non-knitting portion.

We were to fly out of London Heathrow on Christmas Eve. On the 23rd, there was a great deal of fog and nearly 140 flights to/from Britain had been canceled. We arrived at the the airport on the 24th, and were told we weren't even allowed to enter the terminal until they were ready to check us in for our flight.

There were tents set up outside for us to wait in. To TPTB's* credit, they were heated, there were chairs and TV monitors tuned to the news, and coffee and tea available. Regardless, we were anxious to start our journey in this less-than-certain state.

Inside the tent, outside the airport

Thankfully, our flight to Seattle was called not long after I pulled out some knitting. The upshot to all this was that we had been upgraded to business class!

Mr. Tall is very happy to stretch out his legs!

Unfortunately, BAA regulations prohibit knitting needles in carry-on luggage. I amused myself by watching some movies (Death at a Funeral was absolutely hilarious! A must see for any fans of Alan Tudyk) and playing around on my computer.

Somewhere over Iceland (we think) we were treated to this gorgeous view:

Moon and sunset

Our time in Seattle was nice and relaxing. I got to meet up with some friends, and we both enjoyed being Americans again. Before we knew it, it was New Year's Eve and time to head to Orange County, CA (home of the Talls). A second good Christmas was had, more friends were visited with, and soon enough that time was over as well.

Much to our surprise and delight, we had been upgraded to business class for the trip home as well! All in all, a great Christmas and great start to the new year.

* The Powers That Be