Friday, May 18, 2007

Non-knitting Eye Candy Friday!

I feel bad for having very little knitting-related for Eye Candy Friday this week. Truth be told, I'm about to start knitting for my niece-that-almost-is, but have yet to get the yarn. Meanwhile, I'm knitting up a storm on my Hogwarts Scarves...

... and with all this stockinette knit in the round, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm knitting a sweater for Nagini. Obviously, since none of my sweaters are of the Slytherin house, I must not be.

In wanting to keep the tradition of Eye Candy Friday alive, I thought I would share another hobby of mine with you - photography (handy, huh?)

Eiffel Tower - looking down.

Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle

Hope you all are well, and happy knitting :)