Thursday, August 16, 2007

Any Knit Picks fans out there?

Currently, Mr. Tall and I are in Interlaken, Switzerland. On the first-pair-of-socks-front: While I have played around with the Turkish cast-on, the scenery on the trains is just too gorgeous to ignore.

I had hoped to be able to upload some pictures of our trip so far, but have not yet found an internet terminal that gives me access to plug my camera into.

But, for KnitPicks fans... I had emailed KnitPicks a while ago (using their on-line comment feature) about perhaps offering their needles (both standard circular and the Options line) with different colored cords. I thought of this again the other day as I was doing the afore-mentioned Turkish cast-on, and thought how much easier it would be if I could identify my needles as the purple cord and the green cord.

If you are in the same camp as me, would find this useful, and would consider purchasing cords of different colors, go and give them an email, perhaps this could become a possibility :)

All apologies for mis-spellings and weird formatting in this post. This is a very weird computer...