Friday, February 9, 2007

FO - Chocolate Rib Hat

Pattern: That Chocolate's Gone Straight to Your Ribs Hat
Wool: Paton's Fab (100% acrylic) in brown.
Needles: Clover Mamboo Needles 4.0 mm
New-to-me techniques: k2tog, working in the round on two circulars

I found this pattern really easy to follow and work up. As my first ever finished project, I was so excited when I finished that I ran up and had to show my husband right away, despite the fact that he was asleep in bed. I'm nothing if not enthusiastic :)

This above picture reminded me of something. It ate at me for awhile until it hit me... the way the hat decreases at the top reminds me of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert:

The hat was a Christmas gift to my brother-in-law, Matt. When I mentioned I was learning to knit, he asked me for a brown skull cap. Matt was an ideal recipient of my first ever FO because he is very laid back and easy going that I didn't have to worry about making it perfect or what his reaction would be.

Matt currently lives in Arizona, where it's been cold enough lately that I hear he's gotten an opportunity to wear it!