Monday, April 2, 2007

Still Going...

I think the anti-stash gods are conspiring against me (or conspiring with my husband, whatever the case may be). I happened to be in the Bath area, with some free time on Sunday last week - when Get Knitted was closed. This week, I am in Edinburgh on Monday - when Handknit is closed. It's really for the best - I have three Harry Potter scarves to make before July, and I feel that I'm ready to start my first sock and first sweater (both of which I already have the yarn for).

I promise pictures to come, along with some WIP shots of the scarves in their glory. I think I may also start a baby sweater for a friend, and as I'm due to have a new neice by the end of July, I was thinking of making up a bootie/sweater/hat/teddy bear set for her.

What am I doing sitting here typing for? There's much to be knit!