Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey, Eugene!

Yesterday, Mr. Tall and I trekked up to Newcastle to see my most favoritest band in the whole wide world in concert.

The stage was set...

That picture? The one of the stage? I didn't run up to the front to take that picture, nor did I use the zoom lens. That was from my actual paid-for seat. IN THE FRONT ROW.

I've never had such good seats to a concert before. While I couldn't see all members of the band, I felt almost as if I was at a private concert. Really, I'm a bit embarrassed by how geeked I was to be in the front row, but can you blame me?

I guess I should mention the band - Pink Martini is a group that is very tough to describe if you haven't heard them. They're a bit of a melting pot of night club world music. Really, check out a CD or find a way to listen to a clip. You can thank me later.

This was my fourth Pink Martini concert, and by far the best. The band will often perform with a local city symphony. While these concerts are good, I really find that getting just the band is a better experience all around. There's a much more intimate, night club feel. Did I also mention that we had front row seats? Yeah, that helped with it being the best concert so far.