Monday, November 19, 2007

Puzzler answer

Yes, I've given up on NaBloPoMo. I realized that I was posting just to post and keep up with the goal. While achieving goals is noble and something we should all strive for, I felt that I was sacrificing quality for quantity.

I feel that we knitters should shoot for March or February to be NaBloPoMo. We can catch up on all the Christmas knitting we did and goodies we received over the holidays. November is a cruel month to be a knitting blogger...

Anyways, last post I asked a question:

You are given two ropes. You are told that it takes 60 minutes from each rope to burn from one end to the other. However, the ropes are neither identical nor uniform - it may take 45 minutes for the rope to burn 1/10th of the length, and 15 minutes for the other 9/10.

How can you time 45 minutes?

The answer:

If you light both ends of one rope, it should take 30 minutes for the flames to meet. So, how can you tell 45 minutes have gone by?

Start by lighting both ends of rope A, and one end of rope B. When 30 minutes has gone by (the flames on rope A meet), light the second end of rope B. Since you had 30 minutes left to burn on rope B, the two flames will meet 15 minutes later, which would be 45 minutes.