Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just in time for Christmas...

The only trouble with wearing hand-knit socks (says the knitter currently still working on her first pair) is the inability to show them off properly. Sure, you can do the socks-with-sandals look if you're daring, but that's not always feasible.

Just in time for Christmas, a pair of shoes with a clear plastic upper. Better yet, they're not just any shoe:

Clear Converse All Stars

Anyone who knows me knows I live in these shoes - I wore a baby blue pair at our wedding, and will often attach a bit of moleskin to the bottom of an old pair to make shoes for contra dancing. Perhaps this is the extra kick I need to finish off my first pair of socks.

Santa - they're only available at Journeys Shoe Stores and I wear a US Womens 8 (which is a mens six).

Happy Thanksgiving to any and all celebrating it tomorrow. Last year, we roasted a small joint of turkey and made mashed potatoes and gravy, but it still didn't feel very Thanksgiving-ish, so we're not going to bother this year. Instead, we'll go out for a traditional Sunday Roast and call it good.

Tomorrow though, I will be at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate. I'm not planning on buying a lot, but we'll see if that changes!

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Tammy said...

Those shoes rock! Definitely an incentive to knit socks. . .