Friday, June 22, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: Organization (Part 1)

Today I'm going to start the first of two posts sharing how I organize my knitting and knitting accoutrement. Since I bought a new knitting bag today, I figure this week I'll start with how I keep and carry my WIPs.

At home, my knitting lives in a magazine holder. I knit mainly in our main living area, and as such, I wanted any knitting related furnishings to blend in well with the rest of the room.

Magazine-turned-knitting holder

Project-wise, I often like to keep projects in either the Yarntainer my MIL gave me for Christmas (if it's a small project), or these great bags:

Project bag

I found these great bags at Lakeland, a great store that almost makes me not miss Target. Almost. This bag came in a pack of 25 for only 7 GBP.

When traveling, I usually just find a bag to fit whatever project I take with me. I have a simple canvas tote bag that works sometime, and other times, I really like this bag. I got this for 5 GBP at an outlet store in Doncaster.

English/Hawaiian Messenger bag

This bag is pretty great - there's a zippered pocket on the back of the bag, and one on the inside that are great for holding my wallet and phone. There's a largish pocket that works well for patterns or my Vogue Quick Reference book. I only have two issues with this bag - One, it's not overly largish. At this point, it can barely hold one of my Hogwarts scarves, and that's without putting anything else in the bag! Secondly, it closes with velcro. Velcro and yarn just don't go together all that well. At some point, I may rip out the velcro and affix some magnets or some such, but not yet.

Today, I bought a new bag for a whopping 1.50 GBP. Without further ado, here it is:

Super high-tech knitting bag

For those not aware of things on the eastern side of the pond, this is a reusable shopping bag from Marks and Spencer, a grocery/department store. Simple though it may be, I've just found the perfect bag to take to my local knitting group. It's large enough to hold most projects, and it stands up well on its own. This last fact means that I can keep my working skein in the bag and work from it - much easier than trying to balance everything in my lap!

Someday, it might be fun to have a deluxe super beautiful knitting bag, like a Jordana Paige, or an Amy Butler, or a Lexie Barnes. Someday. Not just yet.

Stay tuned for next weeks post with more budget options :)


blueadt said...

You're right it is ideal for knitting. My bag drives me mad as it doesn't stand up by itself & I end up having two or three bags & always leave whatever I need in the one I haven't got with me!

Romi said...

I love the new bag. :)

I favor the Go Knit pouch myself. I love that thing!