Friday, June 15, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: straight to the source

I'm still a new enough knitter that I remember life "before". Granted, my memories of "before" usually appear in black and white in my head, but I remember the days of filling my evenings with other hobbies, and spending my spare cash on things other than yarn. Can I say that and still be a part of the knitting community?

I know that the me-that-was had a desire to knit, but didn't. The me-that-was could see a sweater that caught my eye and wonder if it would be flattering on me, not wonder about the construction, the stitch pattern, what yarn I would use... (I think I'll stop there to stay on track for this posting).

Do you remember those old Looney Tunes cartoons, where Yosemite Sam and Bugs were trapped in a cabin. In the middle of nowhere. In a storm. Sitting across each other at the kitchen table. With nothing to eat except one pea to share between the two of them? (Seriously, this is me getting back on track with this post - bear with me). What would inevitably happen is the characters would both stare at the lone, hopeless pea, and then their gaze would drift up to each other. Where the other used to be was now dinner - a nice steak, or cut of hare. (I tried dredging up a picture to illustrate this, but it is not to be found*)

Knitting has had the same affect on me that extreme hunger had on our cartoon heroes. I will never again look at a field full of sheep through the eyes of the me-that-was again.

What I saw before I started knitting

What I see now as a knitter

This was shot in a field on the west coast of Scotland in late May. We had stopped here to get a better look at the stone circle that shares a field with these sheep.

* Seriously. I googled forever on this. Interestingly enough, a Google Image search of "daffy duck salivating" brings up a picture of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns after the crucifixion on the second page. If you happen to know of a picture, please let me know.


semfem said...

Hee! Poor sheep, they have no idea what's coming to them.

Romi said...

Hee. Love the sheep. And yes, I do remember those cartoons. :)

Fleecy said...

LOL...I do the exact same thing!!! I have even pondered how hard would it be to liberate a bit of that wool, strictly for the sheeps comfort, of course. I also had a chuckle at your M&S bag, I used to have a fabulous bag from there, but it died after many patch jobs. I miss M&S...somewhat like you miss Target, I think?