Saturday, June 9, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

I think I can safely say that WWKIPDay here in Hull was successful. Granted, there were things I had wanted to do that I just didn't get time to do (more/better publicity namely), but my one fear was (thankfully!) not realized. People showed up. Really, so long as I wasn't the only one there knitting by my lonesome, I really didn't care about the coulda/woulda/shouldas!

Most knitters there were from the SnB I normally attend, which was great because I really enjoy spending time with them. We had great weather, and as such were able to sit outside and enjoy it. I think there were 12 of us total, but not all at one time.

Yarn, friends, and sunshine - a great day!

I made a sign, and started up a couple swatches, on the off-chance that passers-by would like to learn how to knit. No one stopped by to learn, which left more time for us to work on our projects!

The group

blueadt helps her DD with a sock

Dawn's sock

Tess' fingerless gloves

Marie's cardigan

Zoe's hat

Zoe makes beautiful hand-spun and hand-painted yarn. Her website is definitely worth a browse!

Kaz and I being completely goofy displaying our house scarves

That's all for this year :)