Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New look (sorta)

I thought I had my tweaked look for the blog finished (for now), until I had Mr. Tall look at it in Internet Explorer. The right hand sidebar is gone :(

I feel immense pride in this template - I took a very basic three-column template and modified the heck out of it into what you see here (at least if you have firefox).

For those reading, this is (for now) best viewed using Firefox. If you're using another browser, please could you drop me a comment and tell me what browswer, what you see and how it looks?

~A very tired wanna-be code monkey

ETA: I think I fixed it. I would still appreciate any and all feedback as I would love to know how it's working on other systems with other browsers.


Sarah said...

looks swell to me! I see three columns side-by-side and I'm an IE user. :)

Dad said...

IE with 3 columns, looks good